Natural colours

Finishing processes require an experimental know-how, gained through years of experience.
Biella has a universally acknowledged leadership in finishing, that gives textiles their distinguishing characteristics. Research and refinement of the best finishing procedure have led to what is commonly known as “hand” feel : its softness, its resistance to creases, its capacity to maintain its tactile qualities over a long period of time.
Alfredo Pria is very sensitive to the application of sustainable economy procedures. For this reason the Fruit of the Scarves ® project has been launched.
It is a line of scarves that are dyed with natural colours, and in particular with fruit (lemons, apples, pears, berries, cocoa, paprika etc.) .
The advantages can be seen in the process

  • as there is a saving of energy as the textiles are dyed at room temperature;
  • and water consumption is up to 20 times less;

and in the products :

  • natural colour dyes are not allergic and this is the maximum guarantee of safety and obviously it does not use chemical substances, some of which are potentially harmful for the health.



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